Manuel Larraga is a company specialised in the design and manufacturing of upholstered seats and auxiliary furniture founded in 1987 by Manuel Larraga and Rosaura Morata.

The company has maintained its personal character and direct approach from the beginning. Furthermore the business has evolved and adapted to new tendencies, designs and requirements of the home decor and contract market. At present, the second generation is assuring the values of the company are upheld and are continued for the future success of the business.

The Manuel Larraga creations combine design and comfort and are distinguished by the quality in its production, attention and customer service.

The quality controls throughout the production stages guarantee the best quality of this collection, full of possibilities and flexibility enabling us to cater to the needs of different markets and customers.

The factory’s capacity is distinctive within this sector. Manuel Larraga utilises its wide variety of resources to offer a grand selection of products, as well as providing special attention and care its customers deserve.