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Manuel Larraga - Production process


Frames are made in solid wood glued and assembled with wood junction pins and staples.
Used wood for main parts of the frame and visible parts is always beech wood, and secondary parts are made with pine, black poplar or eucalyptus wood.




The wood shown is always solid beech wood. It is finished with varnish or lacquers chosen by the customer. As the wood is a natural element, finishings can result with slight differences due to the own structural variations of the raw wood.
We make these finishings in different standard colours shown below. For special finishes, colours, lacquers or patins, please, consult us.


Internal suspension of our seats and backs can be made in different ways depending on the design of each piece. The main types of suspension are suspension with elastic belts, suspension made with a ZigZag (No Sag) steel high resistance resorts systems or suspension made with interlaced biconical resorts 2,3 mm and 4 laps.



The wooden frames are covered with polyurethane foam from different densities and polyester fibres depending on the design of the piece. The foams are joined with water-base glue and staples carefully to get the desired shape.

Possibility of using combustion modified foams for the accomplishing of the different flameretardant regulations.




Seat cushions and back cushions are made with a cover with the chosen fabric by the customer and with a zipper to be able to remove if it necessary.

The fillings of the seat and back cushions, depending on the model, can be made of polyurethane foam, memory foam or with mixture of feathers and fibres and other options. The kind of fillings are indicated in each model with its corresponding icon:



Different collections of fabrics with different designs and finishings and different categories of synthetic and natural leathers are available. Please, consult with our office for further information.



Manuel Larraga’s staff, highly trained and qualified, cuts fabrics and leathers according to our patterns, always taking into account the type of material and the following processes of manufacturing and upholstery.

This process is essential for the good execution of the rest of the production, mainly in the case of special orders.




 Prior to manufacturing covers for the upholstery of the pieces, the process of overfilling is made. Every cover is overfilled in order to avoid fraying of the fabrics that have tendency to it.

Afterwards, the manufacturing staff makes the stitching of the patterns that determines the good and final aspect of the sofa.

It is a completely hand-crafted work in which our sewing staff helped by last generation machines let the piece ready to be upholstered.





The upholstery process of our pieces is made carefully following the traditional hand-craft style. This is the moment when the art of upholstery can be appreciated. Our upholsterers take care of every detail following the standards that have always been characteristic of the production of Manuel Larraga.

Professionals with many hours of training and manufacturing work, know all the secrets of the craftwork of our profession. 



Finishing of certain models of the collection are made or can be made with decorative nailing available in different finishings. 

 Some examples of nailing:



The quality control throughout the production stages guarantee that our work is made in a correct way. Once the product is finished, according to the indications of the order, a last control is made in order to guarantee that everything is in good conditions with the aim to fulfil the needs of our customers.